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GHC est un sigle qui peut signifier: Glasgow Haskell Compiler, en informatique, en français, compilateur Haskell de Glasgow; grammaire hors-contexte, une grammaire non contextuelle; GHC Heavyweight Championship où GHC signifie Global Honored Crown, le championnat de catch de la fédération Pro Wrestling NOAH. The following table describes to what extent GHC currently supports various platforms. To find out who is responsible for each platform, see GHC Code Owners. For information about what distributions GHC is part of, see the distribution packages page. Tier 1 platforms Tier 1 platforms are our top priority. We only release GHC when they all work.

However, all GADT constructors must be defined in one place, whereas type families can be extended. Functional dependencies are similar to type families, and many type classes that use functional dependencies can be equivalently expressed with type families. Type families provide a more functional style of type-level programming than the. ghc-pkg list Remove a package from the GHC administration: ghc-pkg unregister Check for broken packages see documentation on broken packages ghc-pkg check Notice about ghc-pkg usage. Although ghc-pkg is useful tool, it shouldn't be needed for daily development. Invoking cabal install with all the required.

GHC, its supporting tools, and Any Haskell modules of A compiled without -XSafe. The user does not trust M, which is why he or she compiles M with -XSafe. Design The design of Safe Haskell involves the following aspects: A safe language dialect of Haskell that provides certain guarantees about the code. Mainly it allows the types to be trusted. The GHC manual section on module signatures gives the gory details about how Backpack's signature files hsig work. A more user-friendly version of this can be found on Haskell wiki "Module signature" There is not yet a manual entry in Cabal for how Cabal works. This section is under development.

The Haskell Platform aims to unify Haskell development tools into a single package, consisting of a compiler, compiling tools and many standard libraries, therefore making it easier to develop and deploy full-featured Haskell-driven applications. Packages included. Currently it consists of: GHC, Haskell's flagship compiler; The GHC-Profiler. This brings the pretty-printer for Core in line with how visible type applications are normally printed: namely, with no whitespace after the `@` character i.e., `f @a` instead of `f @ a`.

いずれの方法でも最終的に得られた機械語はGHCのランタイムシステムとリンクされ、実行ファイルが生成される。 言語. GHCはHaskell 98とHaskell 2010の両方の言語標準に対応している 。また、言語標準に対する多くの言語拡張にも対応している。例えば、合成. GHC に代表されるように、 Haskell は急速に発達しつづけている。 Haskell′ 2006年前半、非公式に Haskell′ ( Haskell Prime )と呼ばれている Haskell 98 standard の後継の作成プロセスが開始された 。. Yet Another Haskell Tutorial — aimed at beginners and takes a practical approach to things. Additional resources. Learning Haskell at; What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell — A wide-ranging collection of concise summaries of many intermediate and advanced Haskell topics. Released in the public domain. GHC : "Glasgow Haskell Compiler" compila a código nativo en una variedad de arquitecturas y puede también compilar a C. Es, probablemente, uno de los compiladores más populares e incluso tiene unas cuantas bibliotecas por ejemplo OpenGL que, aunque muy útiles, sólo funcionan bajo GHC. Debian arch: alpha: amd64: arm64: armel: armhf: hppa: hurd-i386: i386: kfreebsd-amd64: kfreebsd-i386: mips: mips64el: mipsel: ppc64: ppc64el: s390x: sparc64: x32: C.

Haskell lends itself well to concurrent programming due to its explicit handling of effects. Its flagship compiler, GHC, comes with a high-performance parallel garbage collector and light-weight concurrency library containing a number of useful concurrency primitives and abstractions. Click to expand. Back to wiki start page. Categories: Ports. Haskell on CRUX. Author. Lucas Hazel. Description. This page will discuss how to install the GHC on a CRUX? box. The Haskell language is described by documents in the haskell-doc package. Other libraries are documented in the ghc6-doc package. And I don't think any Debian users would be downloading GHC from a website or compiling it on their own which I understand GHC strongly discourages doing since it is fairly difficult or error-prone or something. Der Glasgow Haskell Compiler, auch The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, aber vor allem bekannt als GHC, ist ein quelloffener Compiler für die Programmiersprache Haskell. Er ist selbst in Haskell geschrieben und erzeugt inzwischen nativen Maschinencode für die jeweilige Plattform. jvm-bridge — мост между Haskell и JVM для GHC jaskell — генератор байт-кода JVM вероятно заброшен альтернативный кодогенератор в UHC работоспособен почти полностью Common Language Runtime.Net.

To build a Haskell source code into native code, a compiler must be installed. There are several implementations available, but the one used most which is now de facto the reference is the GHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler. It is available in the official repositories as ghc. Downloads. There are three widely used ways to install the Haskell toolchain on supported platforms. These are: Minimal installers: Just GHC the compiler, and build tools primarily Cabal and Stack are installed globally on your system, using your system’s package manager. ghc-8.6.5-windows-extra-src.tar.xz 100.9 MB, sig The source distribution needs an installed GHC version 8.0 at least. If your platform isn't currently supported with a binary distribution, then you'll need to consult the section on Porting GHC in the Building Guide. GHC ha tomado humorísticamente el apodo "Glorious Haskell Compiler". El compilador también está escrito en Haskell una técnica conocida como bootstrapping, pero el núcleo de sistema para Haskell está escrito en C y C--[2]. La última versión del compilador cumple con Haskell 2010, el estándar más reciente del lenguaje. Implementation. GHC är skriven i Haskell, men dess runtime-system är skrivet i C och C- [källa behövs] Lexer, parser och typechecker, är designade för att behålla så mycket information om koden som möjligt, för att ge klarare felmeddelanden.

GHC is packaged for a number of operating systems and distributions. While they may lag behind the latest GHC release, advantages such as dependency checking and ease of uninstallation mean we recommend using them anyway, unless you have a particular need for new features or bug fixes. Возможности. GHC является компилятором языка Haskell, основанным на идеологии открытого исходного кода. Distribution of Haskell with batteries included. Contribute to haskell/haskell-platform development by creating an account on GitHub. História. O GHC foi começado em 1989 como um protótipo, escrito em Lazy ML por Kevin Hammond na Universidade de Glasgow. No fim do ano, o protótipo foi completamento reescrito em Haskell, exceto o analisador sintático, por Cordelia Hall, Will Partain e Simon Peyton Jones.

The Haskell Platform Infrastructure Team helps to coordinate the platform release process, mainly by organizing a release schedule tied to GHC releases, and keeping everyone informed about the various stages of that schedule.

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