If you have been watching the news lately you already know that the majority of hackers are trying to hack into Facebook accounts currently.

Having close to a billion users world-wide, the Facebook community in particular offers hackers an enormous opportunity for scamming their way to accessing accounts belonging to other people.


facebook hackersIt's easy to fall victim to the online hackers on Facebook, but there are some things you can do to defend your Facebook account. Many of them are merely basic common-sense and we'll list a couple of them in this article:


Most importantly you must be highly wary in case you receive a message inquiring you to validate your Facebook login details. Facebook wouldn't ask you for your username or password. Why should they need to? They already got it saved in their database. There is no doubt that the probability of a hacker sending a replica e mail in an effort to acquire your login details are way higher than Facebook really messaging you to validate your account details.

it's important to protect your facebook account password against hackersThe second thing to remember is that you should be cautious when adding Facebook applications. Granted there exists a bunch of fantastic applications to choose from and there's no reason to not make use of them. Having said that always be cautious when adding apps which you don't know. The best thing to do is to stick to the apps from the big known companies such as Zynga etc. For those who really need to add an unfamiliar application then be 100% sure you do not give permission to important features like posting on your wall.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Facebook very rarely will send e-mails aside from what you're opted in for for instance upcoming birthdays, new friend requests and so on. Be extremely careful if you get an e-mail in which you are requested to take a particular action as opposed to simply informing you of an event on Facebook. Whenever Facebook actually requires you to take action actively you will then be allowed to get it done straight through your Facebook account. You don't have to risk your account details by clicking an unknown link in an e-mail for any reason.facebook hacking is getting easier and easier

A thing that has become increasingly more frequent on Fb in recent times is random links that pop-up on your own wall. Because a message is posted by your friend doesn't mean you necessarily should trust it as being safe. The account of your friend might have been hacked. The easiest method to confirm whether your friend really recommended the link is to call him by phone and have him confirm it.

In the intimidating event that you or even your friends Facebook got broken into be sure to replace the password asap. Get a new password for your email address on top of that to ensure the hacker is not able to retrieve the password. By doing so you will have the hacker locked from the account and yet again you'll be secure.

One other thing to remember is to look at your Facebook timeline daily. Here you will get a summary of every little thing you've done from your Fb profile thus it will be easier to pick up on just about any unknown actions. If you discover something you don't recall doing then you could easily take it away by double clicking the activity.

facebookWhen a hacker tries to hack a Facebook account he'll often try to befriend you on Facebook first. This allows the intruder to find out loads of your private data for instance street address or anything else. He's going to take advantage of this data to at some point hack into your Fb. Thus often be highly wary in respect of the person you accept as your friend on online.
The following are some points to be wary of:

1. A hacker will often send the friend request using a rather new FB profile instead of via his own one. It is easy to take advantage of this by checking out how old the FB profile contacting you is. In case it is a newly created FB profile then just never accept the request.

2. Have a look at the pictures of the Fb account. Do they look like the pictures of your other Facebook contacts or does the person of the profile appear like a celebrity? Maybe the pics seem a tadhackers are everywhere too well done and way different from a standard self taken photo.

3 - You're able to view the wall posts of the FB profile at the same time. Which form of posts is the profile posting on his wall? Is he marketing products and services or sharing many websites? If that's the case then be careful if you end up accepting him on Facebook.

In this text we described only some techniques which crackers utilize to hack into a Fb profile. Do not forget that several techniques exist and that the simplest way to remain secure is to try using common-sense when visiting the web in general.